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It’s in those spur of the moment days that you come across the best places. A few days ago, we were walking down 11th Street and South Miami Avenue, with plans to check out El Tucán. However, as we passed by 1111 Peruvian Bistro, something about the place caught our attention and we stayed for dinner. It’s a relatively small locale with the perfect decor for a dinner date.

We started off with Stellas as they brought out a small platter of bread-and-potato with an aji and rocotto sauce on the house. We then went on and ordered the Steamed Mussels and Ceviche. The steamed mussels were very, very good. They come with aji panca, tamarind and aioli sauce chili and fried yuca and bread on the side. It suffices to say the bread was used to soak up what was left of the sauce.

The ceviche came with a mix of seafood: puerto fish, octopus, shrimp and calamari. The juice was composed of ahi and citrus lime, which you could really taste—I loved this. It was a very tasty dish, but the one thing which I and my dinner date debated on was that the seafood was colder than the actual juice. While I actually enjoyed this (because the night had been kind of warm), he got the feeling it had been refrigerated for a while before served and didn’t particularly like that.

Nonetheless, whatever doubts we had over the ceviche were completely washed away after we ordered the Filet Mignon. It carries the same idea as the typical lomo saltado; however, it comes in a completely different presentation—and we love it. The lomo is covered by little square-cut potatoes, cherry tomatoes and the usual veggies, while the rice comes on the side. The quality of the meat is indisputable—tender, with amazing flavor.

Overall, we really liked 1111 Peruvian Bistro. Their service was great, and we’re really looking forward to trying more of their dishes.

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