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In one of Wynwood’s side streets, large windows stand covering an already-dark interior. There’s not much signage outside, and the patio, hidden among a variety of plants, don’t do much to give it away. Nonetheless, Alter hardly needs signs: It’s already labeled as one of Miami’s best restaurants.

The Place

Alter didn’t waste it’s space preparing much of a greeting area, but then again, the restaurant urges you make a reservation before visiting. Small, dark tables and chairs occupy almost all of the space. With decor being minimal, the sole focus lies on the food.  The kitchen extends out into the restaurant, and sometimes you can even see Chef Brad Kilgore preparing the dishes. It’s definitely the place to take your date.

The Food

We chose the seven course tasting menu. Spoiler: Everything is delicious.

  • Causa morada. A typical Peruvian dish, it came with huacaina sauce, spicy tomato sauce, compressed cucumber and olive seeds. Nonetheless, it was presented in a very atypical manner. Absolutely delicious, either way.
  • Shaved cobia. It came with mushroom, rice masabu, green olives, herbs and rice puffs. Such a delicacy! As the waiter explained, the Vitrano olive snow is liquidated, and then put into the ice cream machine to top off the dish. Amazing.
  • Octopus. Comes with ahi panic, pineapple vinaigrette, and chips. It’s spicy, full of flavor. The chips are thing as paper, and come atop the octopus pieces, hiding them from view. The pineapple comes through in mellow tones—the spices come first, followed by the thick flavors.
  • Grouper cheek. Topped with cucumber foam, sea lettuces, black rice. So good! The rice gives it a bitter flavor, with deep tones. The sauce—Hollandaise with white soy—goes perfectly.
  • Fallen tree. This one was interesting, given the name. The presentation was beautiful; I almost didn’t want to eat it. The dish is a mix of PLANTS. Although it wasn’t my favorite, the mushrooms were quite good.
  • Wagyu. Squash bread on the bottom, followed by the wagyu meat, and topped with morenga green apple extras and chamula, which is a Moroccan spice, not dissimilar to cumin. Delicious!
  • Peanut dessert. Bananas and chocolate branches with peanut ice cream. It’s really good; however, I couldn’t eat too much because it was too peanut-y.

The Bar

  • King’s Landing. I almost died when I read this. #HugeGameofThronesFan
  • G&T. Gin and tonic leaning towards a more bitter flavor.

Last Comments

Although the service isn’t the best, Alter is definitely a place you must try in Miami. The food is delicious–and beautifully laid out–and the atmosphere is great. Make your reservations on their website (click here). Also, the tasting menus tend to vary every two or three weeks, so expect to see different dishes. And don’t try to rush through dinner! This tasting menu will take you about 2 hours.

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