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Beth Sobol

[VIDEO POST] Zoom into Miami interviewed fashion businesswoman and entrepreneur Beth Sobol. We spoke about her career in modeling, her future ventures, and her tips and recommendations for people going into the fashion industry.

Beth Sobol began her career in modeling at the age of 19. While she began in local fashion shows, her talent soon took her around the world. She lived anywhere from Paris to Tokyo during her 20 years as a model before returning to Miami. Once back home, she began her company Sobol Fashion Productions.

After producing a number of shows, Sobol decided she wanted to begin a fashion week in Miami that would help bring international artists to the forefront. It took two years to fund, plan and organize the opening Miami Fashion Week, and it proved a success. Sobol produced the show for 20 years before selling the brand in May 2015.

She decided it was time to focus on a project that had bloomed through Miami Fashion Week; what she refers to as the “educational component” of the brand. Through an incentive from Carolina Herrera, Sobol launched the Council of International Fashion Designers of which she is currently President and CEO. Her goal is to for the CIFD to become the sole necessary resource for emerging fashion designers across the world to learn how to run their fashion businesses.

To learn more about the CIFD, click here.

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