Brickell Italian


Today’s review goes Italian with Cinquecento in Brickell. It all started with me craving of ice cream. I was almost desperately searching for an ice cream shop when I realized Cinquecento offered gelato. When I got there and saw the menu, I really wanted to order a bit of everything. They had a good variety, and I was hungry. So we set to a quick dinner–since we had tickets to Lookingglass Alice in the Arsht Center (loved it!!)–and then gelato. I ordered a peperoni pizza and my partner in crime had a Churrasco panini. The service was slow, given that there was only one waiter. However, the restaurant is rather small on the inside, so it doesn’t need much as long as no one sits in the spacious terrace! I enjoyed my pizza even though I had to practically swallow it to make it in time for the show. The cheese, sauce and peperoni all tasted of good quality, but I wasn’t entirely convinced with the dough. Pizza crusts are a make it or break it kind of thing for me, so the fact that the dough wasn’t entirely satisfactory was a let down.

The panini, however, was quite enjoyable and it came with long, thick french fries which I ended up stealing (yay!). By the time we finished we were already late for the show (we were going to regret this…), but we still decided to have gelato!!! That was what we were there for, right? They had a great number of flavors and combinations, of which I managed to try at least five different ones. They were all great, but they can’t really shake the bond with my vanilla gelato (yes, yes, I know I’m boring). Even if you’re not entirely enticed to try Cinquecento, do go for the gelato. At least six other people came in right after us just for a scoop of creamy goodness. As for the show, let me tell you what happened. I ended up almost getting brain freeze for eating the gelato fast enough before we arrived at the Arsht, only to have us wait because the show had obviously already started. I wasn’t aware that this was an “interactive” show, so when we were at last allowed to enter, they were in the middle of a Red Queen and Alice scene. The actors blatantly made fun of all those that were entering late, to the delight of the entire audience. I must admit, it was hilarious.


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