Downtown Peruvian


Known as one of the Peruvian go-to’s in town, the restaurant is highlighted not only for its food, but also for its looks. I could easily call CVI.CHE 105 as the most “hip” and “fashionable” Peruvian restaurant in Miami, as their website states. The food is served exquisitely, and the ambiance throws off a chic look with the all-white-and-gray furniture and green finishes, giving the restaurant a lively yet stylish feel. CVI.CHE serves a large variety of dishes, and is best known for its ceviche selection. Whether you want the ceviche mild or spicy, with a pink sauce or a yellow sauce, this restaurant has it. The sauces’ texture is great: not too liquid, but not too dense.

For as good as the texture is, though, I expected the flavor to be more pronounced. The lomo saltado could also use a stronger flavor. Both hold a very passive taste, which if it were intensified, would be amazing. The meat is tender enough and the onions, peppers and tomatoes that come with it are thoroughly soaked in the meat’s juice, causing a juicy burst in your mouth. The problem with the dishes in CVI.CHE is the size; they’re too small for my appetite. CVI.CHE’s goal is not just to serve “traditional Peruvian gourmet,” as their website states, but also to provide that chic atmosphere. It’s not uncommon for frequent clientele to bump into artists and actors at CVI.CHE 105. But keep in mind that here, you’re paying not just for the food, but for the looks as well.


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