Doral Peruvian

Divino Ceviche

This new review centers on a restaurant I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, but before I did so, I wanted to visit it again to refresh the memories I had about the food and the restaurant’s environment. Just last week I was reminded why I liked the place so much. It’s a small locale–quite hard to find in the plaza, I may add–that is always absolutely packed. I went for lunch at 3 p.m. and the only free spots were on the bar. But the atmosphere is very warm in that Latino sort of way, where the happy chatter drowns the music away.

The only complaint I have is the size of the tables and how close together you are with your neighbor. I could really use some more elbow room, but I guess it’s all part of its charm. However, all the discomfort goes away once the food starts rolling out. Like all typical Peruvian restaurants, the server brings out the drinks and a small serving of cancha (basically toasted corn). They also bring out some mariquitas or plantain chips, whichever you prefer calling it, to help begin to settle a hungry stomach. As for the actual food, I–as usual–tend to go with my ceviche and lomo saltado. But to be honest, last week was the first time I tried the lomo at Divino Ceviche! So I’ll start with that.

It was very good, the meat was tender and the sauce tasted excellent. The only problem was that I felt it could use some more meat. The other concern I had was the french fries. Even though they were good, I prefer when they come mixed with the meat and soaked up in its sauce, given that they taste that much better. But apart from that, I feel like it was a good choice. In regards to the ceviches, they are all actually very tasty. But how to decide among so many? What I do is order the Trio de Ceviches, where I have three ceviches, each with a different type of sauce. This way, I feel like I’m truly taking advantage of the great food Divino offers. And a tip: Once I’ve finished the fish and only the juice is left, I tend to mix the sauces together to have an amazingly delicious ceviche juice.

But if you’re looking to try something a little more “out of the ordinary,” definitely go with the Pulpo in Salsa Anticuchera. It’s absolutely spectacular. Four small–but rich in flavor–pieces of octopus are served atop a slice of potato. The sauce with which the octopus is grilled is delicious; it’s really just a dish you have to try. Overall, Divino Ceviche is a pretty good place to go, especially if you work around the Doral area where one of its two main restaurants is located. The other is in Coral Gables. And if you want delivery, there is a third (and slightly secret) locale, that has a  limited menu, but hey, it can deliver to your job!

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