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Evea Ecofashion | Sustainable Fashion

This past October, hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the Western hemisphere arrived to the United States as part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative. They traveled from Dallas to their cities of placement and ended their six-week journey in early November in Washington, DC. In their cities of placement, the entrepreneurs were matched with a local company with aligned interests, and thereby, helped each other grow.

Among the chosen was the Peruvian entrepreneur, Cristian Gutierrez, who represented the company he co-founded: Evea Ecofashion. He was placed in our city, Miami, and worked alongside his host company, Nomad Tribe.

In a trip to the Amazonian jungle in 2011, Cristian found his true passion. He wanted to find a way to help decrease the deforestation in his country, which surpasses 150,000 hectares each year. Hence, with his newfound partners Jorge Cajacuri (Director of Art and Marketing) and Celeste Moreno (Director of Design) and the help of their mentor Oscar Chunga (Director of Research and Development), they began Evea. By carefully collecting the latex from the trees in the Amazonian jungle—without harming them—the team is able to sustainably create their products. In order to do this, Evea partnered with the Amazonian communities, who develop the latex and rubber that is then added to the final product in the city of Lima.

The company has launched their footwear line, and will be increasing the sizes they offer in summer of 2017. In the fall, they will expand their products to include a handbag line as well. In order to finance the increment in their product offerings, they have begun a crowdfunding campaign in which they seek to attain $15,000. If you wish to learn more about the campaign and/or donate, click here.

For more company photos of their trips to the Amazonian jungle, their products and the team, click here! We would like to thank Jorge for sharing with us the videos of Evea’s work in Peru.

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