Peruvian Wynwood

GK Bistronomie

Last Saturday we planned to show off Wynwood to some out-of-town friends. We’d have a good lunch and tour the area afterwards. We’d been wanting to try out a new restaurant, so we settled for GK Bistronomie. It’s a hard-to-find restaurant because it’s outer wall doesn’t really give anything away, nor do you see the typical large lettering of the restaurant’s name. In fact, the only giveaway is the small outer dining area; a long rectangular section that ends in a short bar. However, once you enter through the side door, it’s a completely different scene. You’re met with at least a dozen small, square wooden tables with silver cutlery and glass cups, surrounded by sturdy white chairs. The paintings and bottles on the walls are what give GKB life and color.

We sat down, and began to order. We started with the Classic Peruvian Fish Ceviche. Disclaimer: I love when the ceviche juice has a lot of lime, so that’s why I particularly liked this one. You can also distinctively feel the spices in the dish, which I truly enjoyed. However, it’s an extremely small portion and rather overpriced for that matter. It could never do as a main dish, as opposed to other Peruvian restaurants I’ve visited. We then tried the Grilled Octopus. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t amazing. What I truly loved the flavor of were the little potatoes the dish comes accompanied with. The chimichurri on top is ok. For main dishes, we went with the Lomo Saltado (of course) and the Duck. The lomo has an initial strong flavor, but it fades away before you finish the bite leaving a very good taste. The meat is also good quality; it is organic skirt steak. The duck was good, but again not amazing. It has a soft savor and lies on a bed of risotto, which was also ok. Finally, we tried the Fish Sticks but I was honestly not impressed; they lacked flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at GK Bistronomie, but mostly because my main course (the lomo) was very good; the rest of the group was not entirely convinced. We felt like several of the dishes were somewhat overpriced, and the slow service does not do it much justice either.

Classic Peruvian Ceviche   GKB   Grilled Octopus   Lomo Saltado
Classic Peruvian Ceviche

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