Brickell Colombian

La Moon

La Moon can be considered one of Miami’s landmarks–at 3 a.m. It took me a while to try out the restaurant, mostly because it’s the type of place you head to after a good night of partying, and by then I’m thinking more about my bed than food (unbelievable, I know). However, over the summer I was able to finally attest the iconic image many of my friends and family had given it. The place in itself feels welcoming, with its wooden tables and metallic chairs, friendly waiters/waitresses–and by 1 a.m. even the customers are friendly. As a Colombian restaurant, La Moon prides itself in its burgers and hot dogs topped with crunchy little french fries and several sauces. I usually like to go for the Moon burger, which comes with onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and the six sauces. However, I also enjoy the bandeja paisa, served with rice, red beans, several meats, sweet plantains, fried egg, cornmeal pancake and avocado.

Nonetheless, the best part of the experience is having the refajo! My Colombian “familia de cariño” introduced me to the concept. Refajo is a combination of Aguila beer and Colombiana, which is a type of soda/soft drink from Colombia. Mixed in equal parts–or however, you prefer–the taste is definitely something interesting. It’s sweet at first and leaves the beer’s aftertaste, but without the bitterness. Overall, I enjoy eating at La Moon, however, I have yet to go at a reasonable hour. I definitely prefer to leave this restaurant as my guilty pleasure in the late hours of the night.

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