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Le Bouchon du Grove

This week’s review is on another French restaurant in town! This one is located in the very heart of Coral Gables, and has become a neighborhood staple. Le Bouchon du Grove is the creation of Chef Christian Ville, and aims to mix typical flavors from Lyon, France with our South Floridian sizzle.

The Place

A quaint façade with whitewashed doors that serve as windows and wood details throughout, Le Bouchon is almost hidden away under a low terracotta roof. Walking into the restaurant through open double-doors is going into a completely different world. Art, banners, posters, and small artifacts line the walls without leaving hardly an inch of its yellow walls visible. Small tables are almost squished into each other, giving a sense of intimacy–even with your next door table! The best place to sit is right next to the open doors. It allows you to take a look out into the typical Miami bustle, without actually submerging yourself in it.

The Food

  • Moules marinières. These freshly steamed mussels come in a very sizeable pot, half-full with a white wine sauce, fresh chopped parsley and herbs, and of course a little bit of butter. They were delicious! And they come with a side of french fries. Boom.
  • Cuisses de canard confites maison. Two confit duck legs come alongside sauteed potatoes and a small portion of house salad. Everything tasted very good; however, the potatoes were the best part of the dish. While the duck legs were very well seasoned, I would have for them to be less dry. Finally, the salad dressing was great.
  • Le filet mignon de boeuf poêle. The filet mignon was also good. A pan-seared fillet is topped with a green peppercorn sauce (pepper sauce) that comes atop green beans and with a side of potatoes Gratin. The problem was that as you go through the dish, the sauce begins take on a jell-o-ish texture, which left us without that “feel good” inner warmth after eating a hearty dish.

Last Comments

While I did enjoy the visit to Le Bouchon, I had too high an expectation for the Coconut Grove restaurant.

Although, on a high note, they give one complimentary mimosa during brunch and start you off with delicious French bread.

Complimentary Bread
Complimentary Bread
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