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LoKal is located in 3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, right around the corner from the neighborhood’s local veterinary. The outside is reminiscent of a dinner, but the high chairs and tables and the graffiti on the sidewall tell another story. It has a variety of burgers, ranging from the Frita—a guava-topped burger—to My Childhood Dream—a burger that uses a donut cut in half instead of burger bread. All the burgers can be accompanied by one of multiple sides, such as the sweet potato fries. Although I still haven’t gone for either of those, I have tried The Classic and the Fidy-Fidy. Both of them have great flavor, but my favorite part is going half-and-half with sweet potato fries and normal fries and dipping them in the two sauces that accompany every dish.

The Classic is self-explanatory, it’s the typical American burger, but with sharp Wisconsin cheddar. The Fidy-Fidy is more exotic, with the meat being half ground beef and half ground bacon, topped with even more bacon and sweet onion marmalade. If you’re a bacon person like me, go with the Fidy-Fidy. A very interesting thing that LoKal does, is that in the menu, it states the city where some of the ingredients that they use come from—sometimes it even mentions the farm’s name. So if you’re not certain that you’re getting local and high-end ingredients, look it up.

Some of the best-selling plates include the LoKal burger, the chicken and waffles, the key lime pie and the doggie chicken and rice. The restaurant does not only provide meals with quality ingredients for its human customers, but for their dogs as well. LoKal’s clientele ranges from dog-lovers to business people to college students. It’s a comfortable environment open to anyone who wants a taste of clean proteins, grass-fed beef and good beer. So if you do plan to go to LoKal, expect seeing at least one of man’s best friends relaxing by a table or devouring its meal.

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Alligator Strips
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