Edgewater Seafood


A small corner restaurant, Mignonette sits on 210 NE 18th Street. It has an eerie look from the outside–no doubt due to the City Cemetery across the street–but that just makes the whole experience a tad more interesting. Once inside, the smell of seafood hits you like a wave, but you forget all about it as soon as the waiters begin to set your dishes on the table. Its cozy interior provides the perfect ambiance for a date, and sharing plates is not a bad idea. With so many delicious things to choose from, you might want to have a shot at trying as many as you can.

The Oysters Rockefeller are absolutely spectacular. It is a well-sized appetizer with about eight oysters covered and baked in spinach, melted cheese, herbs and butter. As soon as it touches your taste buds, it’s an explosion of flavors that you don’t want to stop experiencing. The Crudo–which sells at market price so make sure to ask before ordering!–is a tad less flavorful compared to the Rockefeller, but compensates because it’s a more soothing experience.

Regardless, it is just as addictive. The shrimp and lobster tails are both prepared similarly with a mixture of butter, herbs and other ingredients which were difficult to pinpoint. At that moment, however, the last thing in your mind will be discovering the ingredients when that dish sits before you. Finally, the Prime Rib. You would not expect an oyster bar and seafood restaurant to serve this dish, and I honestly expected an average plate. Nonetheless, the prime rib blew my expectations. While it was not the best I’ve had, it certainly was much better than many meat-specialized restaurants around Miami. It lacked some salt and spices, but overall was quite enjoyable.

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