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[VIDEO POST] If you’ve walked around in Mary Brickell Village in the past few months, you may have noticed a closed down restaurant next to Sushi Maki on the corner of 11th Street and South Miami Avenue. That’s because Momi Oyster Bar is only open a few months out of the year during oyster season.

The Place

It looks quaint from the outside, but once you step through, it’s far from it. Sit at the bar and wait for chefs Steve and Jeff to come by. These two are the life of the restaurant; they will crack jokes and chat with you all night long if you’re down for it. And if you’re open for it, they’ll even get you chatting with your neighbors. The place is shared between Momi Oyster Bar and Tino’s, an Italian restaurant. The overall atmosphere in this place is amazing, as the staff actually tries to make you feel welcome and part of the experience.

The Food

Even if the atmosphere of the place doesn’t convince you, the food will. These guys aren’t joking when they say they offer some of the best oysters (and food, really) in Brickell (or Miami). If you’re an oyster lover, you hit the jackpot. They don’t have a very big selection to choose from, but the two they do offer are great:

  • New Zealand oysters and the Japanese Kumamoto oysters. With no salt or sauces added, the New Zealand oyster was my favorite of the two. It’s larger and more flavorful, and you get the whole experience as one of the chefs opens them one by one right in front of you. Each oyster is $4.50.
  • The lobster soup is on point. It has no butter or cream—it’s just the broth. The flavor is spectacular, with a spicy kick at the end. It has chopped up lobster hiding around in the broth. Definitely a must-order.
  • They’re not on the menu, but if you get Steve and Jeff talking, they’ll let you in on their amazing fried oysters. What I loved was that they didn’t feel too heavy, since the “breading” is made almost entirely with egg white. This also allowed the oyster’s natural flavor to break through your tastebuds.

Last Comments

The place is great, it’s definitely going to be one of our go-to restaurants. The service was beyond amazing and we have yet to go for they $60 all-you-can-eat lobster.

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