Argentinian Doral

Nahuen Patagonia

Known as either Nahuen or Patagonia, this restaurant has locations in Doral and Key Biscayne. I was introduced to this restaurant almost two years ago through a delicious little pastry. For several weeks I thought it was a bakery and pastries shop, and I’ve found out many people do as well. They’re most famous for their great empanadas–whether it is cheese, meat, you name it!–but they are actually a restaurant based on a “store” structure. In the 103rd and 41st shop, you walk through an assortment of high chairs and tables until you reach the counter, where countless goodies lay in display. On one side, you have the side dishes, with numerous types of salads as the caprese and “ensalada rusa,” an variety of vegetables, and other healthy options. On another corner are the warm empanadas that most people cannot leave without. And finally, on the far side are the many, many different kinds of pastries. You name it, they have it. In addition to all of this, the Doral Patagonia even offers fresh meat cuts in case you’re planning on having a good ol’ BBQ. Now, the food on their restaurant-side menu is also pretty good.

My favorite dish is the Milanesa de carne. It’s a big piece of breaded steak that comes with the side of you’re choice. I usually go for either the mashed potatoes or french fries (for the diet, obviously!). What’s best about this plate is that I can put loads of chimichurri on top. This “green sauce” varies per recipe, but is usually made of parsley, chiles, cilantro, olive oil, and vinegar and Patagonia’s is really good. They have little bowls of it throughout the shop on small counters along with ketchup, salt, pepper, etc. Other dishes I like to order include the skirt steak (or entraña)–which tends to be very juicy–and the steak sandwich, that is also quite good! All these come accompanied by a side of your choice. Another great plate is the parrillada, but I only tend to order it when I go with another person, because it’s definitely made to share! It’s served with several different meat cuts, including pork and the famous Argentinian morcilla, also known as blood sausage (yes, literally). Overall, I really love this place because it’s a great stop at any time of the day, whether you’re looking for a snack, something sweet or a full meal.

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