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Nomad Tribe

There are many retail stores that try to sell you “fashion.” There are few that do so with a cause. Nomad Tribe is one of these few stores that is led by social entrepreneurs, individuals who found their passion in fashion and seek to “tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges” through it.

The store first opened its doors in Wynwood, inside a black-and-fuchsia building. It’s intriguing decor is sure to bring you in; however, it’s the list of the causes they stand for that makes you want to stay. Ranging from women empowerment to economic growth, Nomad Tribe partners with brands worldwide who positively influence and affect these causes. Learn more about their story here.

With locations in Wynwood and South Beach, and a steady influx of orders on their website, the founding team at Nomad Tribe has their hands full on a daily basis. Nonetheless, they’re constantly participating in the Wynwood and Greater Miami community, partnering with different organizations to host events and support other local businesses.

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