Peruvian Sunny Isles Beach


This weekend we hit up Pachamamma in Sunny Isles Beach. It’s a small locale, located in a plaza right off Collins Avenue and carries the name of the Inca god, mother of the Earth. The restaurant offers the traditional Peruvian food you see across Miami, so I obviously went for the lomo saltado (FYI: it is my ultimate goal to find the best lomo saltado in town). We ordered the Jalea as well–also known as the Fried Seafood Platter. Right off the bat, the waiters bring out shot glasses with Leche de Tigre and the cancha (toasted corn).

While the food came out relatively quick, I was not entirely pleased with the composition. The lomo saltado, as I’m used to, comes with the meat and french fries mixed up alongside the onions and tomatoes. In Pachamamma, they served the meat mixed with the vegetables, but separate from the rather thick-cut french fries. However, I must commend the restaurant on the tenderness and flavor of the meat.

Next arrived the Jalea, with a mix of mussels, calamari, fish, shrimp—all fried of course–and even some yuca frita. For me to truly like a fried dish–especially seafood–the mixture with which it is breaded must be extremely good. I did not feel like Pachamamma offered that; nonetheless, the rest of the group enjoyed it, so it really depends how particular you are with that type of dish. Unfortunately, I was unable to try the ceviche, so I’m looking forward to doing so on my next visit. Overall, it’s a cute restaurant that, if you’re in the area, will get you out of the hassle of trying to find where to eat. However, do keep in mind that the service is definitely not top-notch.

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