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The day started with the idea of going to brunch, but the desire of staying in bed after a late night out yesterday was a serious contender. However, by two in the afternoon, it was hunger that drove us out in search of food. We chose Perricone’s; we’d been wanting to try it and were hoping we might make it in time for brunch. It included omelets, pancakes and many different salads and baked goods. Unfortunately, the brunch ended at 3 p.m., so we were better off just ordering something from menu. As an appetizer, we ordered today’s special: Mediterranean mussels in white wine with diced tomatoes and garlic. I enjoyed the flavor the white wine gave it, but it also had a tomato sauce undertone.

While we waited for it to come out, the server brought baguette bread and diced tomatoes on the house. As main dishes, we ordered pasta: capellini with shrimp and seafood linguini. The capellini is practically angel hair pasta, and it comes with their “signature” pomodoro sauce. I enjoyed the dish greatly. The sauce was flavorful, but light; it tasted original, not the just-out-of-the-bottle type. The seafood linguini was served with mussels, shrimp, calamari and scallops in a white wine based sauce. Surprisingly, the sauce was also very light, so you don’t fill up halfway through the dish as has happened to me in other restaurants.

While I would like to return to Perricone’s to try more dishes, what really captivated me about the restaurant was the way it’s set up. When you go through the front door, the whole locale seems set up as a marketplace. On showcase, there’s a variety of baked goods, salads, and pastries for customers to choose from. But as you go through another doorway at the end of the “marketplace,” it opens up to a small room that looks much like a typical restaurant. However, it’s the outdoor dining that captivates most clients’ attention. You feel as if in a patio, but with the perfect weather (because it’s air-conditioned)! So if you’re looking forward to Sunday brunch at Perricone’s in the patio, be sure to arrive early to get a table.

Mussels in White Wine
Mussels in White Wine
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