Argentinian Brickell

PM Fish & Steak House

This Argentinian restaurant has gone beyond traditional dishes to offering a large variety of seafood and even pastas. Whether you want to go on a romantic date or just want to go for a nice dinner with friends/family, PM is one of Miami’s established places to go treat yourself (and everyone else).

The Place

The doors open up to a small lobby with the bar to the left and the rest of the restaurant behind a bend to the right. While not overly ornamented, the restaurant has small details all around–from the cloth over the back of the chairs to the coasters. The inside has an overall warm feel to it, but the place to be is the patio (especially in good weather!)

The Food

  • House bread. The bread comes accompanied by both regular and garlic and herbs butter. Do yourself a favor and go with the garlic one. We loved it.
  • Tuna tartare. So light and fresh. The tuna and avocado are splashed with olive oil and soy sauce. It’s one of the better tartares I have tried.
  • Veal carpaccio alla parmesan. Perfectly seasoned, with subtle flavors arising after every bite.
  • New York strip steak. The meat was also perfectly seasoned and very tender. Crispy on the outside with a juicy center. The knife would cut through it as if it were butter. Thoroughly enjoyable!

The Bar

  • Madero. It’s the house specialty drink. Made with cucumber, a hint of jalapeño and agave nectar, it has a crisp and refreshing feel to it. Plus, the salt-chili-and-lime covered rim leaves a tingly sensation on the lips. Definitely recommend it for both first-timers and veterans of PM.

Last Comments

PM offers remarkably good appetizers (and specials that you may not find on the menu), so it’s a good idea to go with someone who is willing to share!

Veal and Parmesan Carpaccio
Veal and Parmesan Carpaccio
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