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With over 200 restaurants participating in this year’s Miami Spice, finding which ones to go to has been quite the struggle. However, we decided Pubbelly was a must because it offered a pretty good deal. For a table of two, 9 dishes for $80. Considering ordering the same number of plates would normally cost $100+ (if you go for the cheapest stuff) it was definitely a go-to.

The Place

A small locale with intimate tables, Pubbelly was definitely a great choice for a table of two. It’s quite craftsy, with seemingly handwritten logos and phrases along the top wall of the entrance, but also tasteful and familiar in the way only small restaurants can be. Wooden chairs and a brick wall complete the look, with a packed bar that adds to the warmth that the candlelight emanates.

The Food

  • Short rib dim sum. So. good. Four dumplings come atop a bed of corn puree and topped with parmesano and black truffle. All the flavors are easily palpable and mix divinely. The one thing that I didn’t like was that the type of meat we chose was too dry.
  • Lechon asado. Exquisite! It was really flavorful and juicy. The mojo aioli of course gives it the perfect touch. It’s a must-order.
  • Octopus. This is probably the one dish I wouldn’t order again. It’s not bad, but I’d rather stick with dishes that Pubbelly really excels in. It was somewhat bland for what I was expecting.
  • Salt & pepper shrimp. I really enjoyed the way in which Pubbelly prepares this dish. Its savor is very unique compared to others I have tried. The taste is very mellow at first, but then you feel the spices kick in. It’s just enough to make it flavorful, but not necessarily spicy.

The Bar

  • PB Dream. Its main ingredients are Nigori sake and Cocchi Americano wine flavored with hibiscus, lemon juice and pineapple among others. It was very refreshing, but it wasn’t crazy fruity or sweet (thankfully!), you could feel the alcohol in there. Most prominent was the pineapple flavor. Definitely a thumbs up.

Last Comments

While we didn’t end up using the Miami Spice deal (we weren’t that hungry), I enjoyed the visit to Pubbelly and definitely look forward to trying the rest of the menu. The one other complaint is that while the waiters/waitresses are really amiable and helpful, the service is a little slow.

PB Dream
PB Dream
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