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R House

R House looks more like a gallery than a restaurant from the outside. Small, vertical windows offer a glimpse into the usually bustling location. Murals cover both walls (as is typical in Wynwood) and add a layer of wonder, beckoning you to enter through its corner doors.

The Place

The first thing to notice about the restaurant is its concept; it’s decorated with for-sale artwork. The second thing: It’s crowded. The tables are very close to each other and it gets packed. While you may find seating for two, I’d recommend making a reservation, especially if it’s a group. The restaurant also has an outside area which is more lounge-y and perfect with cool weather.

The Food

  • Yellowfin tuna tartare. Although good, it’s on the simpler side of my scale. However, the wasabi cream and sweet chili (used decoratively) give it the flavor it’s missing.
  • Butchered cut. The meat served varies depending on the day; for us, it was rib eye. Not bad, but really not worth the $45 it cost. It was too cooked on the outside and rather plain. While the chimichurri is the better part of the dish, it wasn’t enough to satisfy us.
  • Brazilian seafood moqueca. The saving grace of the restaurant! It is a mix of seafood–local mahi, wild tiger shrimp, scallop–submerged in a delicious sauce. If you’ve ever had sopa de caracol (a Honduran dish) it tastes very much like that. The seafood is served in a skillet with a mix of vegetables and comes with a side bowl of rice. This entrée is definitely a must.

The Bar

  • Japanese lemonade. A fruity drink that tastes like a mix of strawberries and raspberries. Not my type, but not bad (disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of fruity drinks).
  • Negroni. An incredibly strong drink with a hint of orange at the end.
  • R House margarita. Warning: it comes infused with jalapeños and not lightly (I learned the hard way).

Last Comments

While I enjoyed the ambiance at R House, I was not left entirely satisfied with the food.

Brazilian Moqueca
Brazilian Moqueca
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