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Randy Burman

[VIDEO POST] Meet Randy Burman, Baltimore-born artist who currently resides in Miami. An extremely amiable guy and great artist, Burman has been greatly involved in Miami’s art scene. He really kick-started his career by collaborating in art shows with a group of Miami artists many years ago and today has become a recognized member in the art society not only in Miami, but abroad as well. Burman’s main objective when creating his artwork is to engage people. Watch the video above and let him tell you why!


Randy Burman

Burman has participated in a number of shows and projects, including O, Miami. Their rooftop project for this year’s National Poetry Month (April), named “Poems to the Sky,” brought Burman and the organization national recognition, with the participation of Mana Wynwood and Florida International University (read more here). You can also watch the video below for Burman’s story behind the three projects he’s collaborated on with O, Miami (drone footage credits go to Florida International University).

Burman also doubles up as a graphic designer, and besides producing artwork, he runs his graphic design business alongside his wife, Manita Brug-Chmielenska. An amazing team, Burman and Brug-Chmielenska captivated us so much, we had to tell this story. We hope you enjoy is as much as we did!

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