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Sabor a Peru

Sitting on 2923 Biscayne Blvd, the owner honored her roots by opening a Peruvian restaurant. I’ve tried a good variety of the different entrees and appetizers they offer. Trying everything from the anticucho de corazon to my typical lomo saltado and ceviche de pescado, to chaufa de mariscos and arroz con mariscos. The anticucho de corazon is a delicious appetizer that consists of chopped up pieces of cow’s heart on two skewers and a light sauce on top. The lomo offered in Sabor a Peru is very flavorful and it prepares the tender meat strips so well that it leaves you wanting more.

Sabor adds a little je ne sais quoi in their ceviches that make my taste buds buzz in response. The chaufa de mariscos and arroz con mariscos are very similar plates. They’re both prepared with a large variety of seafood, ranging from shrimp to oysters to calamari. The difference is that the chaufa is fried-rice-style, while the arroz is simply rice mixed with seafood. However, there’s nothing simple about these plates’ savor. Both are tasty dishes that I often order depending on which I’m in the mood for. Sabor a Peru definitely exceeded my expectations.

Arroz Chaufa
Arroz Chaufa
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