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Located next to the Miami River, on 422 NW North River Dr, Seaspice provides a great atmosphere for a relaxing weekend afternoon–if you’re inside. On the dock, the restaurant turns into a party with a live DJ and lively group of people. Seaspice has great customer service, not once was my cup empty or the table dirty. One of the dishes was a little overcooked, and the waiter immediately changed it. But apart from the slightly burned octopus, the food was great. The Meli Melo of Tartare was delicious, with the avocado giving the tuna and salmon the perfect touch.

The Escargot Toast was also very well prepared as was the Truffle Brie Tart; certainly one of the best ones I’ve tried. However, what truly stole the show was the Snapper. It came beautifully adorned–it even caught the attention of the tables around–and the waiter did not miss a beat as he showed it off.

He cut the snapper in large pieces for those at the table with the side of mashed potatoes and a delicious butter-based sauce. It has been the best fish I have eaten in a long time. It suffices to say the table turned quiet as soon as everyone began to eat. As for the drinks, the Moët Ice with strawberries and blueberries was both refreshing and delicious. However, I must give a few warnings. First, if you don’t make a reservation, there is very little hope you will get in. Second, the area around Seaspice and its exterior are quite different to how it truly is on the inside. Third, just make sure to keep an eye on the check! And a few recommendations: go with a group and order dishes to share. That way you can try a little of everything and enjoy good company in a great restaurant.

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Seaspice 1
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