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Sushi Garage

Sushi Garage is located just two blocks from Pubbelly (read review here), in a glass-encased corner locale. It’s one of Miami Beach’s quieter streets–more of a restaurant than a bar scene. Nonetheless, whether you’re looking for a pre-going out dine or just a good new place to try, Sushi Garage will fit your needs.

The Place

The restaurant’s ambiance is great. To your left, a long bar where a mix of people are either waiting for tables or are too hungry to wait. To the right is the rest of the place, with wooden tables and chairs and booths at the end. From the ceiling hang dozens of green and pink fish, seemingly swimming in mid-air.

The Food

  • Masago sashimi. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the dish; a little bland.
  • Hamachi-scallion micro-cilantro. Loved it! (We ordered it twice…) This dish is a mix of flavors that you taste in waves–meaty, sour, then hints of the leafy greens.
  • Octopus. Not bad. It’s a little chewy and could be more flavorful, but add a little soy sauce and all’s good.
  • Salmon avocado. Very simple sushi, but I love salmon and avocado so really enjoyed it.
  • Uni. This was a big no for me–not a fan of sea urchin. However, there were varying opinions in the table.
  • Dumplings. Hard to go wrong with this one! Quite enjoyable. Not the best, but good.
  • Kampachi yuzu cilantro salt tiradito. Probably one of the best dishes of the night. Similar to yellow-tail fish, it came sliced and was flavored by cilantro, lemon, jalapeño and olive oil.
  • Lemon vegetarian roll. Not my first choice, but enjoyable.
  • Edamame. With salt.

The Bar

  • Kyushiki. Japanese whiskey, camomile and ginger syrup and orange bitters make this an enjoyable–and slightly sweet–drink.
  • Lychee mule. Although I didn’t try it, the drink didn’t last too long–must have been good! It’s a mix of Grey Goose, lime juice, ginger beer and lychee purée.

Last Comments

A great restaurant to visit at least once, Sushi Garage has a variety of options–even for vegetarians! The service is good and the food comes out quickly even when it’s packed. Note: it is more expensive that the average Japanese restaurant.

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