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SuViche | Interview

[VIDEO POST] SuViche began as a small locale in Brickell after its founder, Aliosha Stern, decided it was time to start seeing more variety in Miami’s culinary scene. Within a couple of years, it has become a local favorite, with new locations in Wynwood, Miami Beach and Las Olas. To know more about its dishes, check out our review here or visit their website here. Keep reading for the names of the dishes in the video!

Jaime Pesque, Aliosha Stern, Andrei Stern, Ryan Egozi


The restaurant is headed by Aliosha Stern, and assisted by his management team: Andrei Stern (CFO), Sebastian Stahl (Market & Branding Analyst), Ryan Egozi (Operations Manager) and Jaime Pesaque (Executive Chef) as pictured below.

Photos provided by SuViche.


Chef Jaime Pesaque


Here’s the list:

Min 1:20 – Spicy Tuna Croquettes
Min 1:36 – Perfection Roll
Min 1:45 – Tuna Tataki
Min 1:52 – TNT Roll
Min 2:16 – Arroz Chaufa with Chicken
Min 2:33 – CeViche SuVama with Seafood
Min 3:02 – Eye Doctor Roll
Min 3:54 – Blueberry Thyme Cocktail
Min 4:06 – Pisco Sour
Min 4:34 – Aji de Gallina Bites

Right to Left: Ryan Egozi, Andrei Stern, Aliosha Stern, Sebastian Stahl

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