American Wynwood

The Butcher Shop

This week’s review is taking us to Wynwood! Located on 165 NW 23rd St, The Butcher Shop is a  chill place to hang out with friends and share some good beers. The restaurant is a bit out of sight for those who tend to traffic only Wynwood’s Second Avenue, but it’s totally worth it to get sidetracked for this “garden and grill.” I was lucky–or unlucky–enough to have visited The Butcher Shop during the second Saturday of the month, which the regulars know to be one of the busiest days. The ambiance was great and felt very welcoming, but it certainly took us a while to get a table outside. We watched the Heat game and drank craft beers as we waited at the bar, half of which is outside–roofed but open–and the other half inside.

Finally, we got seated at the tables that were more like benches covered with (obviously) alcohol-sponsoring umbrellas. We ordered a beer tower to start, accompanied by grilled octopus and Mongolian duck wings. The octopus was the best one I’ve tried! It was exactly how I like it, on the grill with a soft citrus-y taste. You could really feel the juicy meat as you bit into it. However, it was also the smallest dish of octopus I’ve had.

The Mongolian duck wings were also quite good, but a bit too sweet for my taste; I prefer my good ol’ buffalo wings. As a entrees, we ordered skirt steak and the prime sirloin burger. The steak had a really good flavor, but it was not evenly salted, which took away a lot from the experience. The fries, however, were freshly done and were right on point! The burger was also good, but not out of this world. Nonetheless, next time I hit The Butcher Shop I plan to try the Butcher Shop Signature Mix, which a friend has recommended as “the best burger” he’s tried. The burger we ordered came accompanied with sweet potato fries and their honey mayo dip. The fries were good and so was the dip, but it left a weird aftertaste–at least for me. Overall, the food was good, but the reason why I’d love to go back to The Butcher Shop is for its atmosphere. It’s definitely the place to be on a cool Miami night.

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