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Wynwood has become one of Miami’s must-go-to neighborhoods for residents and tourists alike. It has experienced exponential growth over several years and especially the past few months. With attractions ranging from the Wood Tavern “landmark” to its second-Saturday-of-the-month Art Walks, it’s a neighborhood that offers a different perspective of Miami. And in the midst of its artsy and innovative decor, lie numerous gems, including Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Located next to Wynwood Walls, the restaurant embodies the essence of Wynwood’s art scene all along its walls. With seating both in- and outdoors, you can experience completely different environments with the air-conditioned section running more along “elegant” lines, while the breeze-based part appears more laid back. One key feature about WKB is that its menu is geared largely towards tapas, appetizers, and dishes made to share, not necessarily full-fledged entrees. Last I visited, we ordered a variety of plates. These were the Tuna Tartare, Queso Frito, Pork Belly, Shrimp Tacos and Skirt Steak skewers.

The first dish that was brought out was the tuna. It was not served in the traditional, cake-like fashion; rather, the tuna came to the side, with the cucumber-topped avocado on the other. The tuna was perfect, but I would have added a little more flavor to its accompaniments. Next, the pork. We had initially not ordered the dish–it was brought by mistake. However, it was definitely the best mistake. Possibly the plate we enjoyed the most, the pork belly was tender–breaking down under our silverware–with a little spice and lots of flavor. The tacos came soon after, with the shrimp laying on a bed of lettuce and tomato and topped with a chipotle glaze. While good, I will probably try a different dish next time I visit. The skirt steak skewers, however, are definitely on my list. The meat was also tender, not too rare nor overcooked, and the chimichurri complemented it perfectly. Finally, the queso frito, while the last to arrive, is not nearly the last on the list. It comes accompanied by papricka sausage and overlaid with “salsa rosada.” Both of which make the dish absolutely delectable. Overall, I greatly enjoy my visits to WKB; however, my biggest recommendation: Make a reservation!!

Skirt Steak Skewers
Skirt Steak Skewers
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