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Zoom Explores | Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park has been one of Miami’s most recognized parks. Its grounds have been home to concerts and music festivals throughout the years, such as the recognized Ultra Music Festival. It has hosted a number of events, including countless marathons, fundraisers, and protests. Nonetheless, this park is not a one-time attraction; it’s part of the Miami routine.

The park is an important part in the lives of the hundreds of Miamians that visit it, work out in it, and enjoy it every month. Bayfront has expanded to offer weekly activities to locals, such as yoga, meditation and mommy and me classes (click here). Plus, there usually is a lemonade stand ready to serve on those especially hot days (like, everyday…).

The most impressive part of the park is the history it holds. Click here for the link the the extensive story behind Bayfront, and make sure to really enjoy one of Miami’s first parks!

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